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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In Memory of Fat Freddy Three Ears, Blizzard, Chester and Xana

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Making a difference one dog at a time…

Hello peeps – Joey here with my Pre-Christmas blog –have been cogitating what to talk out – so much has happened in the last month – some very, very, sad, but some happy things too…
Have heard that there are now 88 of us with 4 legs, one with three legs,  oh! and Gregory, that annoying little lizard! – clearly he thinks he is a DIB dog! mom said that is Gregory on top. I asked her what they were doing and she said she didn't know.

I have been feeling very sad as we all had to say goodbye to poor little Chester who was dying with Kidney failure – I cried a lot as it was all very sudden but hid it from mom and dad as knew they were so upset. I spent a lot of ‘reflective me’ time on my shelf under Mom’s desk...
Overhead Mom saying to Dad that she was very grateful that Chester’s voice was finally heard and he didn’t die in silence.

Good news that Nicholas is doing really really well but is still having eyedrops as he has something called an edema in his left eye – not really sure what that is – but he does seem to be milking it!
All the house dogs have accepted him except for my girl, grumpy Gemma, she is not good with new arrivals as it means less chicken scraps for her (and me ! – come to think of it).

Maggie is still recovering and mom still feels sick when she thinks of the vet bills to pay. Molly is still recovering from her surgery – poor things she still has another 3 surgeries to go. They are both so much braver than me! all the house dogs know that I get Scoobydoo scared at the slightest thing and run to mom for cover but they are polite and pretend not to notice!

Benny is still having his PT and hydrotherapy – must admit that I am a bit jealous of all the attention he gets and love his new braces! He is starting to walk better now. I shouldn't really be jealous as everyone tells me I have the most elegant legs! Benny is being adopted by the nice vet giving him PT in the pic next Tuesday.

I am going to have to be a big brave boy and say goodbye to some more or my friends soon– Potter, Savannah, and Lizzie as they have all found new homes. Mom is very happy about this and is very grateful to Auntie Nicole and Uncle Curt for helping with this.
AND! STOP PRESS - our paralympian 3 legged boy, now called Sugar Cane, is going to a new home - a fancy one with lots of other dogs and cats in AMERICA!

So, Abby (she found a new home this time last year)and Father Christmas would like to say a big thank you and Merry Christmas to you all.

I overheard ( I do have nosy streak!) Mom and Dad say that they are are so happy with progress this year - In August we had just over 7,000 'LIKES' and now we have 27,000!
Being just a dog (a very handsome one at that) I don't really know what 'likes' are but I would like to extend my doggy paw to say hello to all my new followers... I don't know about likes but I know about licks.
Will have to have a word in Mom's shell-like as I am still getting the same amount of CHICKEN! - just think, if my portion size increased by the same percentage, then I would be so fat  that I would be wobbly Joey and I definitely wouldn't have such elegant legs! Well it took me quite a while to write this and whilst I was doing it Mom and Dad saved seven more puppies.

Well I will be back soon. before Christmas hopefully.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Joey update

Hi I'm back again. Mom and Dad have increased the pack of dogs here to 85. I am still the best looking and most intelligent dog here after all it's me that get's to blog. I have always been special since Mom and Dad had to carry around in a bag around their necks when I was just a young puppy because I screamed so much if they left me alone. That's how I got my name. There are several new puppies here. Sasha is one. She is quite sensible and knows how to behave. She may even get adopted soon. She finally stopped peeing on the floor now.

As you can see she is pretty. Not as pretty as my girl Gemma though. Gemma and I have a long term relationship. Then there is Bambi. She was run over by a car and left to die. She is very jealous and tries to bit any dog that tries to steal her thunder. She is suicidal and just doesn't realize how small she is. I guess her brain is small too. I'm glad I have a big head. I have disciplined her by growling at her but she just doesn't get it. Just how many brain cells do you think she has in that tiny head?

Then there is Benny. He has wonky back legs and can't walk properly. A lady comes here once a week attaches him to machines and does all sorts of weird stuff to him to make him walk again. Here he is lying across a ball. I passed by snapped this shot and asked him "why are you lying across a ball? He said it was so his legs would work properly and told me to lay my head on a BIG ball. I don't know what he meant by that? He has a strange sense of humor. 

He came with his sister GiGi. She is a tough little pup and will do anything to protect her brother. She looks kind of cute here but you should see her when she is protecting her brother. She is like the Hulk except she doesn't turn green and she doesn't have pants to split!

Then there are two more that were abandoned in the streets. Daisy2 and Lily. They seem like a nice pair. Mom vaccinated them yesterday. Their only problem is they squeal like banshees when other dogs visit their kennel. 

There is Luna she had a metal pin put in her leg and is still limping. She was found in the streets with her friend both injured. Her friend is still in the clinic so she is lonely and a bit timid right now. She will perk up when her friend arrives. 

We all had a big fright last week when Nicholas went blind. We all felt very sorry when we saw he was so afraid. Mom brought him down to the house as he couldn't cope anymore. He has started taking baby steps now, but he hangs his head in depression. I can understand this. I closed my eyes and imagine a world completely dark, night and day. It's horrible. Mom says the vet can cure him, but its gonna be expensive. He has cataracts and they need to be removed. Poor guy keeps bumping his head and walks like a snail. He likes Guga and decided to follow Guga. I guess he isn't that intelligent as the blind Guga was leading blind Nicholas. The two of them were an accident waiting to happen. 

Mom and Dad are always busy here. Running a home for all of us is exhausting. They give us all cuddles, biscuits and good food. They need help to do this. Mom said to ask everyone reading to help her pay for Nicholas's surgery and little Maggie's surgery bill, which is 950 reais. I forgot to mention Maggie she is new too. She is so quiet I forgot about her. She had her leg shattered as she got run over by a car. The vet had to pin it and secure it with wire and it will end up a tiny bit shorter than the other leg. She had a huge cut on her leg and I saw a bone. I felt sick! Then Mom felt sick when she saw the bill. 

That's it for this week. I will be back. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Joey's Back.

Joey says ‘Do you want to be in my Gang?’ 

Hello! This is Joey here – remember me? – Mom’s favorite fur baby. 
I have now got over a rather bad case of doggy writer’s block and like all great artists’, 
I don’t know where to start... so much has happened since by last blog. 
Lots of new dogs (dad’s been collecting again), new visitors, dogs leaving to go to Canada and Scotland, new kennels outside, dogs in the bathroom and bedrooms! –  
....dogs everywhere! 
This has all made me feel very insecure especially as I have heard mom and dad talk in whispers...this has frightened me so I am now adding ‘whispers’ to the list of things that scare me...  
New people, big scary planes in the sky, pretty new dogs, strangers (like Scooby Doo, I just want to jump into mom’s arms and hide)..  
A few of pretty dogs have gone to Canada to be adopted and I am Scooby scared by this and am on my best behavior as am worried I will be next... especially as I overheard that all the pretty ones go! (not that I am in the least bit vain!) 
I am secretly hoping (hush- don’t tell anyone) that Bowie (far too muscular for my liking – I look puny in comparison!) and Trooper (always been jealous of his gorgeous markings) are next in line.. . 
Guga (Guges as I like to call him) is still on doggy earth, even though he has given mom and dad a few bad scares – he’s a bit slower now though. 
Murphy has a new puppy to mollycoddle – Katie wasn’t sure about her at first as she’s rather cute and a tad immature, but now that I have decided that I am her intellectual superior – she is ok. 
Well – I think that is enough for now – promise that you will have more pearls of joey-wisdom soon. 
Have to dash as it is ‘chicken shredding time’ (cooked of course) – have to admit that it is my favorite time of the day as I am the only one who is tall enough to reach the table and gobble up all the chicken scraps when mom isn’t looking....all the other short ass’s miss out!...ooh, starting to salivate already!... 
Bye for now, Joey... 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Been a Long Time.

Hi I am back now to blogging. I had to help Mom and Dad because they had a problem to solve. It has been resolved now and we all moved to a new home. Yes all 48 of us. We are all very happy here now that we are getting used to the change. Lots has happened since I last blogged and I don't really know where to start. First the good news. Our new home is wonderful for all of us. Lots of space to run and play. We chase each other all over at high speed. Well not all of us just us youngsters. Guga, Xana , Misty, Jessie, and Nina, don't do anything at high speed except perhaps eat. The new shelter has a lake with an island and stables for horses, which are full of dogs at the moment. It will take time for Mom and Dad to sort it out properly. So, here is part of my pack being taken to the new place. As you can see silly John has a nose full of sawdust. Not very chic! Luiza did tell him not to sniff it, but he didn't listen.

Khaya and David came to help with the move and to give us all extra cuddles. Harley got most of them so I felt a bit peeved. Mom and dad had many trips to do with all our stuff and it rained on every trip except for one. 

Harley is nearly blind he only has one eye and even that doesn't seem to work well. He walks into furniture and only recognizes people if they talk to him. He gets up growling and barking when he doesn't know what is going on. That is why I never complained about all those cuddles he was getting. I may not be as cuddly but I am funnier. People love my eccentric ways. Mom loves me because I am strange and I am happy with that. Harley and his brother Bogart weren't getting on to well so mom decided to bring Harley into the house. Bogart was beating him up. So, he is here stealing my cuddles. I heard them say he is the most cuddly dog in the world. Huh! Harley has them all fooled with his innocent face. I am the most cuddly ever.  

Other stuff that happened. Nicki had surgery as she had a tumor. She has problems healing and is very old so Mom couldn't spay her. She had breast cancer and took months to heal as the wound wouldn't close. Mom had no choice, but to spay her and as expected the wound broke open and took weeks to heal.  Mom couldn't find the photos for me . Anyway she recovered after weeks in a cone. 
Misty also had surgery on her leg. She had a cyst that was growing huge. 

 Well Misty had to bare the cone and dressing changes twice a day for quite a while. The stitches broke open almost immediately as Dr Andre predicted as he had to remove a large section of skin and her leg didn't have any skin to stretch. It gave Mom and Dad a lot of work. Misty is madder than I am and more fearsome. So, it was difficult for everyone. Well she survived and her leg is good now. Another good thing was that Hannah got adopted by the lady who volunteers here. She is very happy in her new home.

Vincent finally got diagnosed with an auto immune system problem. Thank God because he looked bad.

After he started the right meds he now looks much better and is full of life.

I was so glad his scabby face got better, Ali is waiting for him but Mom had to know what his problem was first as he couldn't travel with a scabby face like that. Now the sad news. All the pups got ill. I cried along with mom as many of them went to the vet clinic.

This is Layla she survived. 

R.I.P Jasper fly with the other angels. 

R.I.P Sidney. Emmy will be there waiting for you.  

We all cried because Jasper and Sidney died. It was terrible. Then after that Cassie died. She was old and we all miss her. She loved the pool and was Freddy's best friend. Here she is swimming last summer. She loved it. We all remember that day well. It was the day Freddy ate the mange soap and had to take medication to force him to vomit.

                            R.I.P. Dear sweet Cassie give all the others from DIB a lick from us all

So the eight little puppies dumped at the gate became six only. Mom put John the naughty one with Luiza as the others kept beating him up. Then Jane was being picked on too so she is in the house until Dad has time to make a kennel for her and find a friend for her that won't bully her.

Jane is a nice young dog. Mom needs to find adopters for all the new puppies here. Hope they get good Mom and Dad's. I got lucky, but so many don't here in Brazil. Mom has found adopters for Pip. He is going to New York on Monday. He was a great character and spent a lot of time watching Mom at the treat window. We will all miss his cheerful personality here. 

He got on well with everyone including Henry.  

 Then a new dog arrived. He couldn't walk properly and has a deformed leg. He will probably have to have his deformed leg amputated. I cried when mom told me. Everyone says he looks like me. Maybe he is a long lost cousin. Not as handsome as me but still good looking. His name is Sugar because he is very sweet. Mom says he was born like this. He would not survive long on the streets and has difficulty walking. 

Here you can see his face. 

Another new dog arrived. I didn't believe she was a dog and still a puppy at nine months old. I thought mom had gone mad and rescued a baby bull.  She assures me it is a dog. She is the biggest dog I have ever seen. She is sweet though and just wants to play with us. Her name is Chelsea.
She has already been adopted and will be going as soon as Mom gets everything sorted for her journey.

She weighs around 130 lbs or 60 kilos. I won't be playing any of my jokes on her. 

Mom and Dad also rescued an old hound dog. His name is Robin. He is very quiet and polite. He has some war wounds on his ears. He was very worried on the first day.

He soon settled in though.

Then a strange thing happened Mom and Dad had to rescue another dog and it was also a hound dog except he is much younger. His name is Benson.

Here is Cookie whispering a joke in My girl's ears. Gemma is my special friend.  

Lastly here I am. I was very worried when we moved. When I worry my forehead crinkles up and I stand with one leg in the air. I do this so Mom knows I am worried. I had no idea what was going on or where I was. It's all different here and I like routine. I am getting used to it now. Mom says we won't be moving for an eternity. I am glad just as I got used to a place we had to move.

Oh I forgot to tell you. There has been a children's book about all of us here. Rusty thinks he is a star now. I am in the book too. It was written by a lovely lady called Suzanne M. White. It's a great tale about some great tails. It was illustrated by children as well. We all love it and always ask Mom to read it again for us because we can't read. It can be bought from amazon or here https://www.createspace.com/4846859 and all proceeds help to feed us.